What Is Residual Affiliate Marketing?

When most people start exploring the world of affiliate marketing, they think that they might run a site that will link to sites like Amazon or eBay where people will need to buy a book or a CD or start or win an auction for them to get paid.

But there is another kind of affiliate marketing that can earn you money without lifting a finger. Don't believe me? It’s true!

If you link to a site that requires a customer to buy a membership in something, say a gym membership or maybe an adult site that requires a monthly fee, you don't just get paid once when that person signs up.

Every time that customer pays their monthly membership fee, you get paid. Honest! It’s called residual affiliate marketing (also known as recurring commission, recurring income) and it can be an amazing way to make money from home on your website.

Everyone dreams of sitting at home and making money without doing anything. Well, this is a legitimate way to do just that. Different kinds of membership sites tend to keep customers for different amounts of time. If someone remains a member of a site or a program that you linked them to, you could get residual commissions for years to come. If they cancel after one month, then you would only get one commission.

This is why it’s extremely important to link to quality websites. You're maximizing your effort. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you wouldn't use that site, don't expect the people you're linking it to use it either.

How can you maximize this profit stream?

The best way to do it is to choose who you link to carefully. Try to go with sites, for instance PayDotCom and Market Health that offer high quality products that get used up. Things like vitamins are a great choice. They tendAffiliate Marketing Picture to be expensive and people develop a good brand awareness with things like medicine, vitamins and supplements, so if a customer is happy buying them from a site you linked them to, they will become regular customers. A happy customer for the company you link to ends up being a constant revenue stream for you!

Residual marketing can be an absolute gold mine for some web users. It doesn't happen automatically though, you'll need to make sure you link to quality products and services if you expect people to use them again and again. Make your choices wisely and you'll be shocked at how much money you can make!

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