Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? SEO is simply to improve and promote a website in order to increase the number of visitors to your website. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves both on-site and off-site strategies. Maybe the single most important part of running an affiliate website is understanding how people find your site and how to make your site stick out among the billion or trillion of websites found on the Internet. You can learn how to DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC to your online store/website by using performance based marketing.

If you've been using the Internet for more than an hour or two, chances are you know what a search engine is. Websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo and have developed into multi-billion dollar corporations in the last ten years.

Using search engines is extremely simple. You just go to the site, type in what you want to find and click enter. But how can you make sure that your site will be found? As it turns out, it’s all about the keywords, title and description of your site. However you must be careful not to overuse with keywords with poor quality content, you might get banned from search engines. Keyword density should not exceed 3-4% of your total content. You can boost your business and be seen in thousands of searches with search engine optimization by submitting your site to INEEDHITS.

When a site like Google or Bing searches the Internet to come up with results from a web query, Affiliate Marketing Pictureit takes the number of keywords, title and description on a site into consideration. It also takes particular keywords or phrases into account, too. If someone is doing a search for “Solar Power DIY EBooks” a site that has that phrase or a phrase similar to it 10 times is going to come up higher than a site that only mentions it once.

That’s why its so important to incorporate keyword text into your web content so that when someone does a search for, say, “Weight Loss Health Tea” and that just happens to be what your site sells, your site comes up high on the list, not buried on the bottom.

The trick is to incorporate these keywords or keyword phrases into your web content, and still have your content make sense. This is a super-tricky obstacle to get around. The best advice I can give is to simply read around and see what other affiliate marketing sites have done.

Remember, your content is a huge part of your site. If people don't stay on your site for a minute or two reading your content, they will never, ever click on any links you have and buy any products you're selling. You must find the balance between a heavy use of keywords and well-written text.

Knowing how to use search engines is a big part of affiliate marketing. You can have the best content, the most timely links and the best product in the world and you won’t do a lick of business unless people can find you. Learning the art of incorporating keyword text into your affiliate website may seem tough, but it’s the difference between making a few bucks here and there and making it big in affiliate marketing.

Getting links from high PR sites is one type of strategy in SEO. A link that points back to your site is known as a backlink.

By participating in articles related to your field, other experts or journalists may notice you. You can create a user page for yourself with a short bio and a link to your personal site to provide more information about yourself.

For better Page Rank and good positioning in Google it is necessary to keep your website content fresh. You can do this by adding content every week. When you add lots of good optimized interesting content, both the search engines and your visitors will be happy.

Keep good resources for your visitors and you will also gain better Page Rank. This will also encourage other webmasters to link to you and get more backlinks.

Backlinks are also useful for raising your Page Rank. Other ways to get these is article distribution. You can either write them yourself or get others to do so. You can also go to this free website and take advantage of their tools and advice. They will also provide you with free weekly content. You can modify them for use on your website or for article distribution.

Word of mouth is still a very powerful advertising tool. With all the social media sites and forum sites around, customers have instant access to voice their discontent about your site and online business.


Affiliate Marketing Picture

Affiliate Marketing Picture

Affiliate Marketing Picture